Residential Fence with Raised Flower Boxes


Residential Fence with Raised Garden
This is a wonderful residential fence complete with a raised garden which serves as a flower box. This family needed a better option for their gardening needs.

Residential Deck must-haves
-fence for backyard security
-eliminate access to ally
-space saving option for garden
This design was exactly what the customer wanted. Plenty of space in the backyard for their pet and maybe a future deck to be enjoyed.

Raised gardens/Flower boxes benefits:
-easier access for everyone including mobility-challenged individuals
-more space in your yard for other activities/features
-good aeration for the plants
-good drainage
-root spread
-better pest control

If this project appeals to you or showcases the diversity in planning your concept, please do not hesitate to call our experts. They will help you achieve a deck and/or fence design that will make you happy.