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Multi-Layer deck for your home deck project.

A multi-layered deck can have a very appealing aesthetic to your backyard. Add outdoor lighting for an even finer finish and evening entertaining.

Residential Raised Deck

Tara Residential Decks

Residential Raised Deck The focus of this residential deck was to increase the functionality for the family to enjoy the backyard. Many Lethbridge yards are small, this property is no different. The family wanted a deck to help them enjoy their backyard with a quality deck that will host many family events. Deck Functionality Many families enjoy their backyards for … Read More

Residential Fence and Deck Upgrade

Tara Residential Decks, Residential Fences

Residential Fence and Deck Upgrade Our team recently completed a residential fence around a property line. This customer was looking for an upgrade from their existing fence. Since the backyard was being used extensively, the old fence did not offer the security and aesthetics the family needed. It’s amazing how much a new fence and deck can help increase the … Read More